The Dream Clock

The Dream Clock is a step-by-step guide to building understanding between communities. This 12 part video series teaches you practical ways that you can take action and make a difference.

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What is the Dream Clock? 6:29

The Dream Clock simplifies the great challenge of the race conversation. There are small steps we may take every single day that will allow us to be a tremendous part of seeing healthier relationships between ethnic groups. Find out why this training has been so impactful.

Hour by Hour 2:35

The Dream Clock helps us identify opportunities to make a genuine impact in building healthier relationships and working with others outside of our ethnic groups and wealth classes. Every hour is intended to be a lifestyle. How many hours are you practicing? What hour are you at?

Nothing else addresses race like the Dream Clock.
This needs to be everywhere... in every school and every business.
I have to know this kind of material because of the work that I do, but I have never seen the topic of race handled like this.
The symbols and the way this conversation is presented is like nothing we have ever seen.
Of all of the information presented to these leaders, they have never leaned into a message like this before.

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